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Our Values

Durack Financial is a boutique financial advice service, specialising in wealth management, retirement planning, family office and small to medium enterprise business.

With over twenty years of experience in the industry, we ensure that your money is working it's best for you and your family.

  • We believe in long-term trusted client relationships, not merely transactional ones.
  • We hold traditional values and modern approach.
  • We are highly educated, experienced professionals.
  • We operate in a boutique environment - we are not a bank.
Durack Financial Advising Client Wealth Management
Durack Financial Wealth Management Ronald Ng

Ronald Ng

Ronald has spent his whole career in Advice, either to retail or professional investors. He has undertaken roles within Macquarie Bank, Credit Suisse, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. Experience includes running an Australian equity sales team, specialist resource capital raisings and Chairman of corporate super fund.

He holds a Masters of Applied Finance (Macquarie University), Bachelor of Laws (University of WA), Bachelor of Commerce (University of WA) and Diploma of Financial Planning. He is a fully accredited Financial Adviser with FASEA.


We use the Durack name to honour the traditional values we represent.

The Durack family name is synonymous with the early pioneers, especially in the Kimberley region. Brothers Patrick and Michael Durack drove cattle across the wilds of northern Australia from Queensland to the East Kimberley, to establish Argyle Downs Station. Patrick Durack's granddaughters made their names in the arts, with Mary an author of classics such as “Kings in Grass Castles” and Elizabeth an artist.

There is a Federal election seat in the Kimberley named Durack. Notable achievements of the family include:

  • Patrick Durack, 1834–98, who took up land on the Ord River in the East Kimberley in 1882,
  • W J Durack who worked as a doctor in the Marble Bar and Murchinson district and was the first to diagnose leprosy in the Aboriginal people of this area,
  • Michael Patrick Durack, 1865–1950, who promoted the development of the northern parts of Western Australia,
  • Dame Mary Gertrude Durack DBE AC, 1913–94, the author and historian who wrote about the outback, Australian settlers, the history of missionaries in Western Australia and her family's struggles and achievements as pioneers in the Kimberley region,
  • Elizabeth Durack OBE, 1915–2000, the artist whose works capture remote parts of north and central Western Australia,
  • Kimberley Michael Durack, 1917–1968, who established the Ord River Research Station, which led to irrigated farming around Kununurra, and
  • Peter Drew Durack, 1926–2008, who was a Senator for Western Australia (1971–1993) and introduced the Freedom of Information Act.

(Source: Australian Electoral Commission)

Aerial photo looking down on the Kimberley Coast
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